What do we do?  We make "really?" and "wow!" and "I never knew that!" and "I need to follow this up".

We make great films...that make good things happen for you. 

Film Production

Whether you have a detailed brief for us...or just the beginning of an idea, we're happy to work with you all the way to create a watchable and engaging film to help you make good things happen.


We're often asked to capture things that simply can't be filmed...perhaps a future city, nanotechnology...or thoughts and feelings.  Hooray for animation; whether 3D modelling, cartooning or modern 'infographic' styles, we have animators to create the as-yet unseen for you.

Live Streaming

Many people offer 'webinars', but we offer live-streamed TV-style shows where you can invite your audience, stream a broadcast quality chat show or demo and interact live with your audience.



Films should make things happen, not leave us as they found us.  They should inform us, empower us, lead us to think about things differently or act differently as a result.  At Chaos Films, that’s our aim.  To make films that make good things happen for you.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

From Our Clients

People seem to survive filming with us quite nicely and even come back asking for more!  Here’s what they say…

Angela, Andrew and their amazing team have worked on countless AV projects for us over the last few years – always with utmost professionalism and skill – and also infinite patience with some particularly challenging jobs! I would not hesitate to recommend them

Jane Roberts

The Open University

Attention to detail and quality. Listening to the customer and providing experienced advice. Sheer professionalism. And very nice people!

Professor Brian Collins


It was a pleasure to work with the team at Chaos films. Based on the scripts and discussions with us about our requirements, they created great visuals and also injected some humour into the videos!

Dr Paul Piwek

The Open University

Working with Angela and her team was an enjoyable and productive experience, and the professional expertise of the team meant that we were able to take our ideas much further for a powerful and engaging end result. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this team again in future.

Thea Gibbs

Coventry University

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We’re happy to chat with you, whether you’re in the early stages and just want to bounce a few ideas around & check rough costs, or you’re revved up and ready to get it done pdq!