Live stream

Live stream: 

It’s easy to throw a live event online.  It isn’t easy to have must-watch interactive sessions, an active engaged audience and a warm and friendly atmosphere that people remember for years.

We don’t do webinars or Zoom meetings.  We specialise in working with people who want to work with us to make their online event truly special, memorable and useful for all.

Our dedicated team can work from a studio or totally remotely from their homes…and during 2020 and 2021 we’ve done all shades in between, too!  Even in complete lockdown, the show goes on.


Memorable moments:

  • Translating from live event to live stream event to totally remote event as the pandemic progressed
  • Favourite bit of script “last year we were in Ireland and this year…we’re at your house!” 
  • When the chat went so fast we had to tell people how to ‘pin’ it and scroll so it didn’t become a blur…
  • When clients realise that there is a whole framework to put a live event into that takes account of delegate engagement and they relax
  • That comment in the photo above from Thomas…”a perfect online event!”


Show director:  Andrew Rix

Producer:  Angela Lamont

Studio manager:  Liis Mikk

Green room director:  Gerard Giorgi-Coll

Green room manager:  Heidi McCafferty

Engagement:  Michelle Ireson



Live stream