Numbers often don't mean much on their own.

  Turnover in billions, profit in millions...but Experian recognised that behind the numbers lay stories and behind the stories were people.

So, they asked us to make a short film featuring their employees to accompany their annual report.

Their employees were complete stars and the video featured on Experian’s home page for several weeks.

This film was shot on a Sony F5 with fabulous lighting provided by the studio team.


Favourite moments:

  • “80 employees in a studio flipping image-boards?  Yeah, no problem…”
  • Holding the ladder for the intrepid cameraman to climb onto the scaffold platform
  • Being in awe of Marie Doris and the RE’Al team making over 80 employees in 2 hours
  • Kate Sturgess’ ability to accurately deploy 224 double-sided flip-cards with not one error
  • Making a special playlist to keep everyone happy, focused and energised during filming
  • Looking through the amazing rushes and stills that night



Producer: Angela Lamont

Director:  Tony Coe

Cameras:  Andy Smith, Max Hodgetts

Editor:  Richard Fisher

Animator:  Mitra Turani

Voice-over:  Jon Strickland

Make-up:  Marie Doris and the RE’Al team

Floor Manager:  Kate Sturgess

Stills Photographer:  Sammi Sparke



Location finding