Live stream

Live stream: 

Want LOTS of audience interaction for your live stream?  Want engagement, laughs, great questions and people tuning in time after time because they’ve found something useful and enjoyable?

Then choose a chat show format.  Unlike webinars and presentations, chat shows enable your audience to properly interact, ask questions of your guests, give their views and feel that their online experience has been shaped by the audience, not just people talking at them.

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll start to wonder why you didn’t try this format years ago…


Why choose a chat show format?:

  • Even those speakers who are terrified of presenting tend to relax and shine when interviewed by a professional (we have many, many techniques to put people at ease)
  • It gives the audience so many opportunities to interact and engage..they feel more included  
  • It’s must easier to include a few laughs and that’s when the audience really start to take things on board and remember
  • People have been put off online events by too many badly planned webinars.  This looks instantly more television-like and therefore people expect it to be more enjoyable


Producer:  Angela Lamont

Director:  Andrew Rix

Camera:  Gerard Giorgi-Coll

Green Room:  Liis Mikk




Live stream